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Compliance Reporting System

Housing Tools customizes cloud-based software for government agencies with RDA- and HOME-funded housing projects, as well as trust fund and inclusionary units. This system organizes information for all of your projects in one place so you can easily track and report on them. Because it’s web-based, information can be viewed, input, downloaded and uploaded from a site that is secure and accessible to your staff and property managers, no matter where they are, without taking up memory space on your computers. Avoid spending time searching through files and paperwork when all of your information can be easily organized and located in the “cloud” with automated update reminders and deadline alerts. It helps you meet state regulations, be prepared for audits and stay on top of loan repayments. The system can also be customized to meet your agency’s particular needs. Download a brochure with more information about the compliance reporting system features and benefits. Email me to schedule an online demonstration by phone or in person

What is Health & Safety Code Section 33418?

This is the section of California State law that places monitoring and reporting requirements on all entities that have used redevelopment agency Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds to finance the development of affordable housing units. The law stipulates that the responsible entity require housing owners governed by the provisions of this section to submit annual reports, including rental rates, income, family size and change in ownership for each unit. Housing Tools will set up and manage a reporting system to comply with these requirements in a simple and efficient format, without the unnecessary bells, whistles and costs of other property management software systems.


This cloud-based software has been customized to manage the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS). HUD grantees use this system to draw down federal funds, create plans and submit reports. The IDIS Tool centralizes, organizes and updates all the information you need to setup, fund and close-out HUD activities. The system is easily accesible to grantees and their subcontractors so that multiple parties can report required economic and demographic data and store it in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format. This data can then be tracked by the Participating Jurisdiction grantee. The IDIS Tool also facilitates coordination between grantee and HUD financial accounts. Put all of your IDIS information in one place that is accessible, up-to-date and easy to navigate.

Cloud-computing Benefits

The Housing Tools Compliance Reporting System and IDIS Tool are cloud-based systems. This means that data is stored and organized on the Internet, as opposed to within your computer or on a local network server. This type of computing offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Greater collaboration, regardless of participant location, computer system or software. Multiple users can simultaneously use and update databases and worksheets.
  • Centralization, so that multiple individuals in multiple locations can access and update shared information in an organized way.
  • Off-site data storage, saving hard disc space on your computer and servers.
  • File management, providing an easy way to upload and download large files.
  • Automation, with scheduled and event-triggered reminders to keep your workload on track.
  • Mobile access, making it useful for on-site inspections, with the smartphone/iPad App.
  • Data analysis, providing ways to aggregate and summarize data for status reports and evaluation.


Whether it’s housing elements, consolidated plans, community outreach or presentations to decision-makers, Housing Tools provides services and plans that are responsive to local conditions and your needs. The work effort focuses on what is most important to your community, avoiding irrelevant research.

Program Implementation

Housing Tools will help you navigate the complex world of federal and state funding programs, labor laws and environmental regulations. My goal is to save you time, money and brain damage. We conduct NEPA environmental assessments and manage the CEQA process.

Funding Applications

Housing Tools draws on a wealth of experience in securing affordable housing funds. I am familiar with tax credits, tax-exempt bonds, California State programs, HOME, CDBG, project-based Section 8, HUD Homeless McKinney Funds, HUD 202 and 811 programs, and the Federal Home Loan Bank programs.


•    Customized Cloud-based Compliance Monitoring
•    Housing Elements
•    HUD Consolidated and Annual Plans
•    HUD Consolidated Annual Plan Evaluation Reports (CAPER)
•    Planning Outreach Strategies
•    Replacement Housing Plans
•    IDIS Tracking Systems
•    NEPA Environmental Reviews and Assessments
•    First-Time Home Buyer Program Implementation and Management
•    Housing Rehabilitation Program Implementation and Management
•    Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program Implementation and Management
•    Funding Applications